Megyn Kelly Slams Soledad O'Brien's Condescending Coronavirus Comments

Megyn Kelly recently slammed TV journalist Soledad O'Brien's condescending coronavirus comments against another news personality. The controversy started over a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci discussing the Covid-19 pandemic and the response to it. "We have got to do the things... that we need to do to turn this around... When you do it properly, you bring down those cases... We have done it in New York," he said in a PBS News interview. "New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly."

Janice Dean, the senior meterologist for Fox News, shared the clip and called it, "garbage." O'Brien then shared Dean's tweet and quipped, "Meteorologist weighs in." Finally, Kelly jumped in, defending Dean by claiming that both of Dean's in-laws died in New York nursing homes because of the "disastrous" response from state Governor Andrew Cuomo. She also shared some personal details about Dean, such as that she has MS and that her husband is a fireman who served during 9/11. Kelly ended her post by saying that Dean "epitomizes class & kindness," and sarcastically asked O'Brien, "Remember those?"

O'Brien did not leave it at that, however. She tweeted out, "What did I do to deserve the Blackface lady tweeting at me while I’m still in bed? This doesn’t bode well for my day, tbh." This was in reference to the comments Kelly made on her NBC morning talk show in support of blackface, which ultimately led her show to be cancelled and her to exit the network. She subsequently apologized for her statements.

Kelly fired back, "Oh let me help you! You attacked a woman grieving her dead relatives for challenging the narrative that NY handled corona just great, dismissing her as too small to have an opinion bc she’s just a meteorologist." O'Brien then tweeted in response, "1. Megyn admits she’s the Blackface Lady. 2. I literally pointed out she’s a meteorologist— 'small' is your word. Hmmmm. You’re welcome to accept her pov over an infectious disease expert. 3. Fauci’s quote is accurate. He said 'bring down those cases.'" O'Brien later added, "Just fyi—attacking Fauci is intentional."