McDonald's Customer Attacks Employee Over Ketchup

Police are currently searching for a woman who was caught on security footage pushing and choking a McDonald's employee during an argument over ketchup.

The fight broke out at a McDonald's restaurant in Santa Ana, California on the night of Saturday, Oct. 27. Police released security footage, asking anyone with information to help them identify the attacker. After entering McDonald's through the back door, the woman winds ups fighting with a McDonald's employee — pulling their hair and throwing them around in the crowded kitchen.

Witnesses said that the woman entered through an employees only door asking for ketchup packets. The manager declined, telling her that she could not be in the back of the restaurant. At that point, the assailant shoved the manager, attempting to choke them.

Other employees tried to break up the fight, while one ran to get a man who had shown up with the attacker. The man retrieved the assailant and she left willingly with him.

Security cameras got a reasonably good look at both the suspect and her companion. The attacker wore a pink t-shirt and grey pants, while her friend wore a grey hooded sweatshirt and black shorts. Both had black hair and darker complexions.

Police believe the woman they are looking for is between the ages of 20 and 25. They ask that anyone with information call the station at the numbers provided in their statement.

While the hunt goes on, the video has begun circulating online as something of a viral sensation. Many viewers are fixated on the moment an employee reaches through the window to give change to the other customer outside, even as a fight rages on right beside them.

"That is a great worker, mid fight she gave the driver her change!" one commenter noted. "Promote her."


This is not the first viral video to come straight from McDonald's security footage, either. In a 24-hour fast food chain, things often get strange, and the internet allows people all over the world to observe some of the strange behavior. Last November, police were asking for help yet again when a woman robbed a McDonald's restaurant right through the drive-thru window.

Security footage showed the woman peeking her head through the sliding door, finding no one on the other side. She poured herself a drink, taking her time and apparently making her decisions on the spot. She eventually climbed through the window and took cash out of the register. The whole thing took place at a restaurant in Columbia, Maryland, and while it was vital evidence to police, it was just another funny video to users online.