Austin McDonald’s Has American Flag, Memorial Day Blunder

It's not uncommon for international restaurant chains to incur a little bad press every once in a [...]

It's not uncommon for international restaurant chains to incur a little bad press every once in a while, but there's something about McDonald's that seems to make it a constant target for unfortunate situations. Take this McDonald's in Austin, Texas, for example, that shocked its patrons with a huge mess-up.

Russell Noga and his son were driving past their local McDonald's yesterday morning when Noga's son noticed something amiss.

He pointed out to his father that the American flag that waved just outside the restaurant's playground was hanging upside down at half mast.

Considering that yesterday was Memorial Day, it's not surprising the flag was at half mast, but it certainly adds an extra layer of haplessness to the whole circumstance, as flying an American flag upside down is a sign of disrespect.

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Speaking to journalists, Noga said the sight of the flag "was an absolute shocker."

He went on to say, "Anyone who lives in this country and has the benefit of being able to earn a wage should know how to hang that flag up right."

Immediately, Noga turned into the restaurant parking lot and then ran inside to notify the staff of what happened. He says to told them to "get it fixed."

The whole thing happened between 10:00 am and 10:30 am. Noga said that went he passed by the store again about 40 minutes later they had corrected the blunder.

He did add, however, "The fact this happened on Memorial Day doesn't sit right with me. If you don't take care of the small tasks in life how will you take care of the big responsibilities?"

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The manager of the restaurant also spoke to reporters and, although she refused to give her name, she did explain that one of her employees accidentally hung the flag upside down when the ropes got tangled as it was being raised.

She said they didn't even notice it until Noga drew their attention to it.

While this isn't the worst news story McDonald's has found themselves tied up in this year, it certainly doesn't bode well for them either. Hopefully, the multi-billion dollar corporation can bounce back.

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