Man Intends to Marry Robot Troll Doll

Maryland resident Joey Morris is making headlines after declaring his undying love to his robot troll doll, named "RoboTroll," with a wedding possibly "in the cards one day."

The 29-year-old told Unilad recently that he fell in love with the figure from the BattleTrollz collection after its popping pink hair and "satisfied smile" caught his heart while perusing eBay in December 2017.

"I found RoboTroll while I was doing research into the line of BattleTrollz to satisfy my interest in 90s nostalgia," he told the outlet. "The website I was looking at showed me the entire collection of all of the trolls, and when I saw RoboTroll I was smitten."

"I think it was his expression that attracted me to him," he continued. "While most of the other BattleTrollz snarled, RoboTroll seemed to have a satisfied smile. His blue eyes matched his silver and blue colour scheme and made his pink hair really pop."

Falling for the toy immediately, Morris explained, "I knew it was love with him because it made my heart feel right."

This isn't the first object Morris has found himself in a romantic relationship with, telling Unilad he first realized he was attracted to objects at 10 when he wanted to be friends with a lamp, then moving on as he got older to a Halloween toy called Donna the Dead and Transformers character Optimus Prime.

They all pale to RoboTroll, however.

"My love for these objects never lasted as long as my love for RoboTroll, who is my current primary love," Morris gushed.

And while his pending wedding might not be the most conventional, Morris counts himself lucky to have a relatively supportive group.

"I am very lucky as my friends and some members of my family accept my sexuality – and even though they make joke comments about it, they support me," he told the outlet. "My mother doesn't really understand my feelings, but she accepts it all the time."

That doesn't mean he doesn't face detractors.

"However some people haven't agreed with it – I have been told that my preference is a mental illness and some have even likened it to bestiality," he admitted, saying he tries to keep the haters out of his head and focus on his own happy relationship.

"I try to ignore these people and distance myself from them, as I'm happy in my relationship with RoboTroll," he said. "I find it easier to form romantic bonds with objects rather than people, so I'm happy with my sexuality."


Photo credit: Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images