Meet The Latest Fashion Trend: The Brow Crown

In the latest of insane beauty trends, brow crowns are now a thing.

Following the fads of squiggle brows, braided brows, dragon brows, and McDonald's brows, Instagram user Sofie Peterson added the newest take to the brow world, sharing a picture of her innovation to social media.

brow crown

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The brow crown is created by using eyebrow gel to create the perfect points that mimic the shape of a crown. To complete the look and give it the full dramatic effect that all royalty needs, each point it topped with a gem.

But if Twitter has any say, the brow crown isn't going to be around for long.

"The brow crown is purely idiotic," one Twitter user exclaimed.

Another bluntly stated that "insane beauty trends won't give up."

And one user perhaps expressed nearly everyone's opinion on the brow crown trend.


It remains to be seen if the crown brow will become the newest and most popular trend in the makeup world.