You Know You're in Australia When a Koala Fight Stops Traffic

Commuters in Australia were delayed after two koalas took to the streets to brawl.

On Thursday, a video posted to social media showing two koalas fighting in the middle of a street in Southern Australia quickly went viral.

The furry marsupials, typically thought to be cute, cuddly, and lazy, were anything but in the video, transforming into furry fury.

“Come on, boys! How am I going to get to work?” a woman can be heard asking, honking several times in an attempt to get them to take their marsupial brawl off of the road. But the koalas weren’t having it.

“Only in Australia,” she concludes.

Twitter quickly went crazy with the footage, one user jokingly noting that they should start addressing "eucalyptus leaf-related violence.”

“When you’re trying to get to work and there is a Koala bear fight in the road,” wrote another.

Another person advised that they “shouldn’t #koalafight in the middle of the road.”


Others couldn’t help express their shock that koalas were actually doing something other than eating eucalyptus in a tree.

It is unclear if the koalas resolved their issues, or if the woman in the video ever made it to work on time.