Kate Middleton's Uncle Receives Punishment for Domestic Assault Charge

The Duchess of Cambridge's uncle has received his punishment for a domestic assault charge.

52-year-old Gary Goldsmith, of Stockport, was given a 12-month community order and ordered to attend 20 rehabilitation sessions to challenge his "attitude to this offense," the Daily Mail reports. He has also been fined 5,000 pounds, or about $6,640, and ordered to pay 170 pounds ($225) for a victim surcharge.

The incident occurred on the night of Oct. 13 after Goldsmith and his wife, Julie Goldsmith, attended a charity auction at Home House in central London. The couple is said to have started arguing while in a taxi on the way home, with Mrs. Goldsmith accusing her husband of taking drugs. The conflict quickly grew, and after Mrs. Goldsmith slapped her husband on the face, he punched her, leaving her unconscious for 15 seconds.

Daniel Shepherd, the taxi driver, called police at the request of Mrs. Goldsmith. According to Shepherd, he confronted Goldsmith after the incident occurred, but Goldsmith grew aggressive and threatening.

"You were not immediately remorseful by what you had done - you squared up to him and you tried to push him away," said Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot as she passed Goldsmith his sentence. "In short you were acting like a nasty, mean drunk."


In court, Goldsmith issued an apology claiming that he was "deeply ashamed" of his actions and that he is hoping to reconcile with his wife.