Jennifer Aniston Shares Photos of Hilarious 'F—ing Friendsgiving' Enchiladas for Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Aniston continues to make the most of her short time on Instagram. The latest comes from her "Friendsgiving" party on Thursday and a special treat for Jimmy Kimmel. As Fox News reports, Kimmel had complained the year prior about Aniston's dinner options. This led to the Friends star changing things up for the late-night host.

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"Ok, [Jimmy Kimmel]… here are your [f---ing] Friendsgiving enchiladas," Aniston wrote in the caption for the Instagram post.

The actress included a shot of her placing the delicious dish in the oven, a tiny sign declaring them as "Jimmy's F---ing Enchiladas," and video of Kimmel's reaction to the meal.

"Finally someone listened to me," Kimmel can be heard saying in the video.

The spark for the idea came when Aniston was on the show the year before, when Kimmel shined the light on the repetition of Thanksgiving season for many multi-meal people.

"I'm making the same thing everyone had the night before again," Kimmel tells Aniston. "So in its essence, you've turned my meal into leftovers."

"You're doing this on national television?" Aniston interjected quickly. "You want me to sacrifice my Thanksgiving meal?"

"No, I don't," Kimme replied. "Because you're still having Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving where God, Jesus and his friends intended for it to be."

Aniston got a lot of praise for her meal and the enchiladas in the comments on Instagram. Courteney Cox was top of the heap with her review of the enchiladas.

"I will say Jen," Cox opened her comment. "I loved that f---ing enchilada."

"So good!," Reese Witherspoon wrote while adding a crying laughing emoji.

Her Big Little Lies co-star Laura Dern also chimed in, telling Aniston that she was "coming over" for the party.

Kimmel also dropped a comment to declare victory over the event and for Thanksgiving defenders everywhere.

"Muchas gracias. This is a tremendous victory for me and for every American who believes turkey belongs on Thursdays," Kimmel wrote.

Fans of the Friends star were also loving the dish and the idea of the Friendsgiving party.

"[I’ve] made a lot of friends, all around the world, by sharing the same love and admiration for you, i’ll be forever thankful for that," one fan wrote.

"Wow! Looks delicious and you're looking incredibly Unbelievable Beautiful as always," another wrote.


"You actually listened to him!" a third added.

Hopefully Aniston builds on it in the future.