Ivanka Trump Slammed Online After Buying Daughter a White Dog Named Winter for Her Eighth Birthday

Ivanka Trump got some serious backlash on Saturday for her new dog, a snow-white puppy named Winter. The White House adviser is under fire along with the rest of the administration for its treatment of immigrants, and Trump's white puppy left a lot of room for jokes and commentary on social media.

The first daughter brought home the precious new puppy on Saturday for her daughter Arabella's eighth birthday. The dog's breed is unclear, but she has pointed ears and piercing blue eyes. Many fans speculated that she was a Pomsky, a mix of a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky often sold as a "designer dog breed."

"Meet Winter, Arabella's birthday dream come true and the newest member of the Kushner family!" Trump wrote on Instagram.

(Photo: Twitter @IvankaTrump)

Trump's critics could not be won over, even by the innocent face of a puppy. They berated the White House adviser for facilitating her father's new immigration policies, including the frightening facilities where asylum-seekers are being kept.

"If it was a brown dog, would you put it in a cage?" one person wondered on Twitter.

"An all-white dog. But of course," added another.

"I wonder what the children in cages will get for their birthdays?" a third person tweeted.

Some took more subtle shots at Trump and her family, with implications that they would soon be in prison. With Special Consel Robert Mueller set to testify before Congress on Wednesday, all eyes are back on the Trump administration and the possibility of impeachments or even indictments.

"What a beautiful animal!!" one person tweeted at Trump. "My heart aches for her knowing she'll have to be rehomed shortly - maybe you should make arrangements in advance as to who will care for her while you [and] your wife are in jail? Just a thought."

"Biff," wrote celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, addressing Donald Trump Jr. "Condolences on your sister replacing you as her favorite puppy. Btw, does your family allow anything in their lives that is not WHITE?"


The Trump administration granted new powers and mandates to the Immigration Customs and Enforcement agency, or ICE, resulting in the current crisis. The agency is now operating detention facilities where people legally seeking political asylum in the U.S. are being held, often in reportedly unsafe conditions. According to a report by USA Today, lawmakers and Homeland Security officials have visited some of these facilities and officially deemed them "unsafe," "unsanitary" and "unacceptable."