This Account Steals Photos of Kids from Unsuspecting Parents for Disturbing Reasons

One mom found herself "annoyed" after discovering a disturbing corner of the Internet in which people Photoshop pictures of children and babies to have different features.

Caroline Enterfeldt, a 27-year-old mom of two, told BuzzFeed that multiple accounts have been re-posting an adorable image of her 1-year-old daughter, Jayden — but in the re-posted images, Jayden has blue eyes instead of brown.

Enterfeldt said the Photoshopped image has been making its way around aggregate accounts, posted by strangers.

She says she first noticed the Photoshopped version of her photo when her account dedicated to Jayden, which has over 12,000 followers, was tagged by the account @chrysusbitch with the edited image. It also posted the original image.

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"First, I didn't think so much about the edit," she said."I'm so confident with my daughter's beauty, and for me she's perfect as she is," the mother added.

But when she noticed the photo making its way around the Internet, the mom grew concerned about the reason behind its popularity.

"I've been tagged many times on the pic," she explained. "When it turned out to be this big, I'm starting to think why they edited it and for what purpose."

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Eventually, the Photoshopped image gained the attention of YouTuber Laila Loves, who tweeted her concern about it and the editing of children's features in general.

"I'm SICK of seeing people edit pictures of babies to what they believe social media will find 'cuter'. She's beautiful with her brown eyes!" Loves wrote.

Others responded to Loves' Tweet, calling the practice "repugnant" and saying that they were "disgusted" by the "fetishization" of children.

The Instagram account Loves called out in her Tweet eventually removed the edited photo of Jayden, and later deleted the entire account. The owner of the account, a woman who BuzzFeed says identifies herself by the pseudonym "Lafricaine" says she removed the photo to try and rectify the situation.

"It was not my goal. It was a mistake which I learned from," Lafricaine said. "People thought that it was me who had made the editing, or that I approved the photoshop on a baby."

Lafricaine pointed to the account @shqipdaily, an account which frequently posts images of children edited to have different eye colors.


Enterfeldt admitted to Buzzfeed that although she's confident in her daughter's unedited beauty, she's irked by the edited photo's popularity. "I'm just annoyed that the photo is everywhere," she said.