Weatherman 'Bracing for His Life' in Dramatic Hurricane Florence Report Goes Viral

A weatherman who appeared to be "bracing for his life" during a dramatic Hurricane Florence report has gone viral for embellishing the severity of his situation.

In the clip shared to Twitter, the forecaster appears to be in a high-wind situation and is seen struggling to even withstand the force of the storm.

And then, suddenly, a couple of people appear in the background, casually walking around as if the wind is having no affect on them.

A number of people have commented on the post, with pretty much everyone in agreement that this one of the funniest things to come out such a truly dire situation.

"Why to reporters reporting on hurricanes have to stand out in the wind and rain? We know that there's a lot of rain and high winds in a hurricane. Reporters reporting on a house fire don't stand in the fire," one Twitter user quipped.

"How is he bracing for life but the people behind him walking with no problem and don't look [too] wet," another person tweeted, while someone else joked, "Even if the dudes didn't walk past, he is not selling that to anyone haha."

While many joked about the "over-dramatic" weatherman, others pointed out that this is not the first time something like this has happened.


One of the more infamous — and hilarious — weatherperson faux pas' was when TODAY Show weather-contributor Michelle Kosinski was shown paddling around in water that appears to be very deep, only to have a could of gentlemen walk right in front of the shot and revealed that it was only about ankle-high.

Quirky weather reporters aside, Hurricane Florence has done a lot of damage so far and state officials are urging citizens to donate to relief efforts if they can.