Hip-Hop Music Video Shoot Interrupted by Gunfire, Multiple People Wounded

A music video shoot ended in gunfire. The New York Post reports that a music video shoot in Midtown Manhattan was interrupted when shots rang out, leaving three men shot. Witnesses and neighbors say the shooting was gang-related. At least ten shots were exchanged between two groups. The shooting took place near the intersection West 38th Street and Fifth Avenue shortly before 11 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 16. People surrounding the shoot ran for cover.

"I saw a body, someone laying on the ground, someone else laying on their stomach with his hands over his head," Ted Deutermann, a 54-year-old jewelry designer whot witnessed the shooting from his apartment across the street from the shooting told the outlet. "I then saw him grab a backpack and throw it under a car near him. I was afraid that it was a bomb. "I was surprised," he added. "I didn't expect a gang to be in this neighborhood."

According to the report, a group from the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn promoted a party on social media. As dozens of people enjoyed the event, a rival group from Crown Heights who also saw the event online showed up at the event began shooting as the Fort Greene crew exited. One victim, 24, was shot in the torso and suffered injuries that were initially labeled as life-threatening. A day after the shooting, he was listed in stable condition. 

A 27-year-old victim was hit in the abdomen. A third man, 19, was struck in the leg. They too were listed in stable condition. Following the shooting, police roped off the block as the victims were laid out in the street.

"There were helicopters everywhere, cops everywhere, the whole block was shut down. You could see people laying on the ground, it was kind of creepy, definitely not typical for the area," said Laura Harris, 36. 


Others were stunned also, including patrons from a restaurant, Islas. "I thought it was fireworks at first until our security guard said to get down," Sam MacIntosh, 32, said. He's the general manager of the Australian-style eatery. "[It was] obviously very shocking that it was right outside, literally right outside, on the doorstep basically of our restaurant."

Police said the 27 and 19-year-old victims were taken into custody after being released from the hospital. About 130 people were at the video shoot simultaneously as the shooting occurred. Police are still trying to narrow down about 24 people who remained inside the event after the shooting.