Are Glitter Boobs A New Trend?

Music festival season always brings out some wild fashion trends, but this year's latest look is especially odd. From Coachella on the West Coast, to Bonnaroo in the fields of Tennessee, to across the pond at Glastonbury one trend has prevailed: glitter boobs.

That's right, glitter boobs are a thing. As shown in the photo above, the look is basically covering your breasts and chest with glitter and stick-on sequins and rhinestones to give yourself shimmering look as you partake in the festival's shows and sights.

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As the NY Post points out, the trend is also known as "disco t--s" or "glitter t--s" and has also popped up on the runway. Yves Saint Laurent showcased it in their SS17 Collection show earlier this year.

You apply the looks by applying a mix of adhesives and stick-on gems and setting it in place with hairspray.

It's also worth noting that you're welcome to extend the glitter to your arms or face, and you don't actually have to go full-on glitter-boob. You can always wear a tank top and just decorate your chest accordingly.

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If you search on Instagram for pics, thousands of women have showed off their looks, so it seems the trend is here to stay (at least for the rest of the 2017 festival season).

Here are some of the best looks at the style in action:

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