Fox News' Britt McHenry Dismissive of US Coronavirus Response, Says Government Should Have Known

Fox News personality Britt McHenry recently took to Twitter to share her dismissive take on the United State's response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying that she believes the government should have known. The political news contributor also state that she has been aware of the virus for several months.

"It's difficult to see people argue there was little time to react to coronavirus. Since I work in media, I've known how deadly it was in China since late November-December. US didn't restrict travel, or take preventative measures. If we knew, govt knew," McHenry wrote in her tweet. Many of her followers have since replied, with one saying, "You are in the media and you knew how deadly it was early, it was the President who stepped up and insisted on a travel ban, getting blasted by all sides at that time." Another user wrote, "Well said Britt- now tell that to your Fox News Trump-bot colleagues who have been dangerously misinforming the nation for the last month and are likely responsible for multiple deaths by downplaying the risk!

"Good point. However, Fox News disinformation and misinformation is a major reason why people will die from this horrible virus. Being the spokesperson for a dishonest White House is dangerous for America," someone else added.

"The Trump administration has been inept from the moment they took over. One fiasco after another. Even today, as thousands of dead Americans lay in refrigerated cartons waiting for burial, the only thing on Trump's mind are ratings," one more user offered.


"The president gets briefed daily. For folks to actually act as though he didn't know and just found out and we're being too hard on him. It's so weird. Meanwhile I can even misspell a word on twitter without them losing their minds. He made a mistake And won't own it," a final user added.