Woman Thinks Strange Creature in Backyard Security Footage Is a Dinosaur

There are a lot of strange creatures in Florida, but it was thought that living dinosaurs were not among them. That is until a woman shared a very strange video with a local station that appears to show a reptile of some kind running very fast across her lawn. The Palm Coast homeowner, Christina Ryan, said she thinks it was a dinosaur.

Ryan told Fox 35 News she caught the footage early last week. "Any animal we can come up with that would be 'walking' at 3:40 in the morning, wouldn't walk this way," she told the station. "Maybe I've watched Jurassic Park too many times, but I see a raptor or other small dinosaur!" Ryan showed the video to everyone she knows and they all agreed it looked like a baby dinosaur. "Some say a large bird, but that makes no sense -- since whatever it appears to have front legs. So not sure? Lol. I'm sticking with raptor myself," she joked.

Others on the Internet are not sure it's a dinosaur. "I've watched the video multiple times... It's clearly a dog. Looks like he has a reflective collar and you can see his leash dragging the ground behind him," one person tweeted. "Towards the end, he lowers his head to sniff the ground as he trots through the yard." Another joked it was "definitely" the "extraterrestrial lizard people." Others made plenty of jokes about Florida, with one writing that "nothing coming out of Florida would shock me at this point."

While it seems very unlikely that Ryan accidentally caught a dinosaur on video, one woman in the U.K. did come across a real dinosaur-related discovery by accident this month. Marie Woods, 29, found an enormous footprint on the Yorkshire coast that is believed to be about 165 million years old and belonged to a dinosaur. "All I wanted to do was grab some shellfish for my dinner and I ended up stumbling across this," Woods, an archaeologist, told Good News Network. "I showed some paleontologist friends what I had found and none of them had seen it. It’s really exciting."

Paleontologist Dr. Dean Lomax, who wrote a book on dinosaurs that lived in the British Isles, told the BBC the footprint likely came from a Megalosaurus. It was the "largest theropod footprint ever found in Yorkshire," Lomax said. The scientist later noted that Woods' made a "rediscovery," since fossil collector Rob Taylor also saw the footprint in November 2020. Still, Woods' photos showed the footprint fully exposed. It is fragile, so scientists are now making plans to excavate it and move it to a museum in Scarborough.