Doritos Brings Back 2 Fan-Favorite Flavors for August

Doritos is putting two fan-favorite flavors back on shelves for a limited time only this month. The "Tangy Ranch" and "Tangy Pickle" Doritos flavors will be available in August, and you won't be able to miss them in their vintage packaging. The promotion comes amid plenty of controversy for the brand's parent company Frito-Lay.

Tangy Ranch Doritos and Tangy Pickle Doritos went on sale in grocery stores around the country on Monday, Aug. 2, according to a report by PEOPLE. Tangy Ranch is packaged in green, while the Tangy Pickle chips come in neon yellow bags with electric pink accents. The Doritos logo is joined by abstract snack-themed designs all over the package, letting fans know there is something different within. Tangy Pickle may be familiar to some fans from last summer, but Tangy Ranch is brand new, and it is poised to become a fan favorite.

Tangy Pickle Doritos debuted last summer, and they were a huge hit. Meanwhile, Doritos describes its new Tangy Ranch chips as a "delicious combination of the classic Doritos crunch paired with the savory tastes of ranch seasoning. Perfect for the adventurous snacker, this exciting new flavor fuses the familiar with the unique to offer Doritos fans the bold taste they have been searching for."

Doritos is promoting these new flavors even further with a social media contest over on Instagram, where fans can enter to win a limited-edition boombox kit along with some vintage chip-themed merch. This push is just one of the promotions Frito-Lay is running amid some major PR setbacks, including a highly publicized worker's strike at the company's facility in Topeka, Kansas.

Workers at the plant told a reporter from Insider that they were consistently subjected to safety violations, including electrical hazards, obstructed fire exits and kitchen fires. They were expected to work up to 84 hours per week in the plant depending on the season, sometimes with only an 8-hour break between two 12-hour shifts. After last week's strike, the workers settled on a contract with management to come back to work, but some said they were still not satisfied with the results.


In some cases, the end of the strike also means the end of a boycott of Frito-Lay products, though some customers are still expressing their horror on social media. The Tangy Ranch Doritos and Tangy Pickle Doritos will be available this month only wherever Doritos are sold.