Watch Donald Trump Call Impeachment 'Bulls—' and See Both Sides of Twitter Erupt

President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Louisiana on Friday night, and things got pretty feisty. Trump was on the offensive throughout his speech against what he calls the “radical Democrats,” as he has been for weeks. At one point opted to use vulgar language to describe the impeachment inquiry.

“The radical Democrat policies are crazy. Their politicians are corrupt and their candidates are terrible,” he said. “They know they can’t win on Election Day so are pursuing an illegal, invalid and unconstitutional bullshit impeachment.” The pro-Trump crowd went nuts and the President stepped away from the lectern to soak in the applause.

The “bulls---” line set social media on fire with people on both sides of the political spectrum chiming in. New York Times White House reporter Katie Rogers pointed out that Trump used that word in front of a bunch of kids.

“As the championship little leaguers watch, POTUS says this about the Democratic led impeachment inquiry: ‘They’re pursuing an illegal, invalid, unconstitutional, bulls--t impeachment’,” she tweeted. The team was later honored on stage with the President.

Political commentator Andy Ostroy tweeted, “Almost 60% of the country wants you impeached. Almost 50% want you removed from office. The only 'fake news' is the vomit that spews from your pathologically-lying lips every minute of every day.”

Author Mark Jacob wrote, “We have a president who talks like a guy on a barstool after seven beers. You evangelical Christians have proudly put curse words in your kids’ ears. Unless you hide Trump from your kids.”

Of course, there were plenty of people who loved the line. "Our president said 'bulls--- impeachment' on live tv at a rally...and I absolutely LOVE IT!,” one person tweeted. “Who else felt all tingly when Trump called it a Bulls--t Impeachment?! He’s mad. He’s ready for a fight. It’s exciting to watch! This is about to get good!!!!,” another tweeted.

This was Trump’s second controversial moment on the campaign trail this week. On Thursday, at a rally in Minneapolis, the campaign used Prince’s song “Purple Rain.” Prince’s estate was outraged.


“President Trump played Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ tonight at a campaign event in Minneapolis despite confirming a year ago that the campaign would not use Prince’s music,” the estate tweeted. “The Prince Estate will never give permission to President Trump to use Prince’s songs.”

Trump's next rally is set for Thursday in Dallas, Texas.