Did Conor McGregor Just Confirm His Next Fight With This Photo?

Conor McGregor might have just teased his next big fight on Twitter Friday. He tweeted a painting of himself holding a golden gun while driving a boat, with the UFC championship belt clearly behind him. The only word he wrote in the tweet was "Tony," likely a reference to UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson.

The tweet came after Ferguson told MMAjunkie Radio this week that he thinks McGregor should fight him before the end of the year to defend his share of the title.

"What (McGregor) needs to do is defend or vacate," Ferguson said. "That dude's got like less than a month. I mean compared to what UFC rules state, he's got a year to start defending his belt. I'm more then ready for December. He said he wants to fight in 2017. I think the fans deserve it. I think I deserve it."

Ferguson continued, "What sounds better than 10 consecutive? Eleven, and it's got Conor's name written all over that motherf***er. You guys heard my post-speech. There's nowhere for him to run, man. He's got me to deal with, and I'm going to expose that dude."

Ferguson won his 10th consecutive MMA match at UFC216. He's hoping to make the 11th victory a fight against McGregor.

"Conor McGregor said he was looking forward to watching this fight but he hasn't said nothing," Ferguson said. "This dude didn't say s***. He didn't even say 'good fight' on Twitter. The boy is scared. He's running."

It's not clear what McGregor plans to do after his August boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. McGregor hasn't fought in an octagon since November 2016, when Eddie Alvarez at UFC 2015.


"Conor, you need to either (expletive) defend or vacate," Ferguson said on MMAjunkie Radio. "You need to get your (expletive) together and come fight me, straight up."