Chris Cuomo Claps Back at Troll Wishing Him Ill During Coronavirus Battle

Chris Cuomo revealed he had come down with the coronavirus about two weeks ago. In the middle of his recovery, he also shared that he was experiencing some weight loss. Cuomo has admitted to the whole ordeal being a grueling process as he looks to fight through the disease.

He appears to be feeling in better spirits as evidenced by his quick shot back at an Internet troll. The user directed an Instagram comment at Cuomo, writing, "Praying this plague takes you out." To that, Cuomo quipped back, "Prepare for disappointment, punk." In his initial announcement about contracting COVID-19, Cuomo explained how he suffered a fever, chills and shortness of breath before undergoing testing. As a result, the CNN anchor has been conducting his show, Cuomo Prime Time, from his basement in order to remained isolated from his family.

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In his recovery, Cuomo noted that he has dropped 13 pounds over a three day span. While sharing the update during a CNN Global Town Hall on April 2, Cuomo warned that nothing about this has been "easy."

"I'm a big guy — I started off at 230 pounds," Cuomo said. "My wife is feeding me like we're still in the dating phase. So it's not like I'm hurting for nutrition. I'm eating and drinking constantly. I'm just sweating it out and it's the sickness...The idea that it's easy, so you can be nonchalant, that's so misleading."


Throughout the pandemic, Cuomo's brother, Andrew, has found himself in the news on an everyday basis. The New York governor has found himself amid the epicenter of the outbreak as he announced on Twitter that another 671 New Yorkers lost their life to the coronavirus on Easter Sunday. The oldest of the two brothers also shared an update on how Chris was doing on April 1, explaining to the masses during his press briefing just how dangerous the disease is.

"There is no superhero who is immune to this disease," he said, per USA Today. "Anyone can get it. No one can be protected from it. I couldn't protect my own brother ... And with all he knows and as smart as he is, he couldn't protect himself." On a much lighter note, Cuomo's oldest brother has also fueled speculation on social media that he may, in fact, have a nipple piercing.