Chick-fil-A Combines 'Fan Favorites' for Two Savory New Menu Items

Chick-fil-A is combining its breakfast staples to create new bowls and burritos for customers.

The savory combination—called the Hash Brown Scramble—combines "fan favorites" chicken nuggets and hash browns with scrambled eggs and a blend of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. Pork sausage can also be substituted.

chick-fil-a hash brown scramble
(Photo: Chick-fil-A)

In an effort to provide more health-conscious options, the company introduced the scramble as a "protein-packed choice for customers eating breakfast on-the-go" likening it to the popular Egg White Grill which was released last year.

"At Chick-fil-A, we understand the importance of breakfast and want to provide a wide range of options to our guests who are looking for a fast and delicious breakfast," said Amanda Norris, senior director of menu development. "We've definitely seen an increase in popularity for breakfast bowls."

"It is a great fit for those seeking a delicious and hearty breakfast that is also packed with protein," she added. When made with nuggets, the Hash Brown Scramble Bowl has 450 calories and packs 30 grams of protein.

chick fil a hash brown scramble menu
(Photo: Chick-fil-A)

The menu addition will replace the food chain's current pepper-laden breakfast burrito, but Chick-fil-A will offer the scramble's delicious combination as a bowl or in a burrito, and both will be served with jalapeño salsa.

According to the company's press release, the Hash Brown Scramble launched in restaurants nationwide on Monday, August 14.