Cannibal Family Admits to Murdering 30 in Spree

A criminal investigation is being opened regarding a family accused of being cannibals that have gone on a killing spree of at least 30 people.

In Southern Russia, police officers are believed to have discovered human remains at the home of Dmitry Bakshaev, 35, and his wife Natalia, 42.

The two were arrested after the dismembered body of a young woman was found at a military academy in Krasnodar where they worked, The Sun reports.

After being taken in for questioning, Dmitry reportedly admitted to the gruesome murders and boasted about other killings after a phone was discovered containing incriminating photos.

He told the investigators that he began committing the crimes back in 1999. Over the past 18 years, Dmitry says that he and Natalia have killed dozens of others.

Upon searching their house, the police found human body parts in addition to "video lessons for cannibals," local sources report to Mash News.

Dmitry and his wife reportedly kept frozen body parts in their refrigerator. The police have discovered eight different body parts in jars at their home.

Neighbors at the hostel explain that their room reeked of the Russian drug Corvalol, which they used to put victims to sleep.

"Each time we tried to enter their room, they started wild shouting and crying," a worker said, according to Mirror. "Natalia is a scandalous woman, aggressive, so we did not risk it."

Shocking images of their crimes have been posted on the Internet that illustrate the gruesome nature of the murders.


The couple is being held in Krasnodar as the cops continue to investigate their claims.