Cameron Douglas Relapses, Violates Probation

Less than a year after he was released from prison, Cameron Douglas has violated his parole and has again gone before a judge.

According to Page Six, court documents show that Cameron, the son of actor Michael Douglas and grandson of Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas, was caught with marijuana in his system back in April.

Cameron's probation officers reported to Manhattan Federal Judge Richard Berman that the actor turned up at their office for a random drug test because he was accused of "attempting to manipulate the results," by a lab technician.

After more tests were done, they discovered he did, in fact, have the drug in his system.

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In 2010, Cameron was given a five-year prison sentence for both "possessing heroin and dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine."

This is why his failed drug test is a blatant violation of his parole.

While it sounds like he could be in serious trouble for the violation, his parole officers actually asked the judge to be lenient on him.

They sympathetically said that "relapse is part of the recovery process," and suggested that he get a second chance to prove himself.

One of them went on to say, "We would like to provide Mr. Douglas an opportunity to be in the community to see how he responds to setbacks."

Ben Brafman, Cameron's lawyer, also fought for leniency, telling the judge that the 38-year-old is regularly seeing a psychiatrist due to suffering from "post-traumatic stress disorder" which manifested after his seven years behind bars.

Brafman said, "His period of imprisonment was horrific," and added that Cameron was "subject to terrifying treatment" by other inmates because he testified against his drug dealers.

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Cameron also spoke on behalf of himself, telling the judge, "I have so much to live for. I have a lot of sort of goals and aspirations that I think that I'm more than capable of achieving."

He ended his statement by saying, "I guess what I want to tell you is that since I've come back, I've worked really hard, and this hiccup is unfortunate, but I don't see it happening again."


Ultimately, the judge agreed with Cameron's probation officers that more regular drug testing, as often as two times a week, as well as random drug searches, would be a sufficient course of action.

Cameron is scheduled to appear in court again on Wednesday for an update on his status.