Busted Elderly Couple Says 60 Pounds of Pot Was Meant for Christmas Presents

Grandma's are notorious for shelling out socks and underwear as Christmas presents, but one elderly couple recently broke from tradition and planned to give out 60 pounds of pot to their loved ones for the holidays.

That's what they told police officers anyway, when they were busted with the drugs during a routine traffic stop in Nebraska, according to WSMV.

On Tuesday, the 80-year-old man and 83-year-old woman were pulled over in their Toyota Tacoma, and told law enforcement that they were traveling from California to Vermont.

Police discovered the bags of marijuana during the stop and jailed the couple on "suspicion of felony drug charges."

Giving out marijuana as a holiday gift to your family may not be entirely legal as of yet, but some people may soon be able to give it to their dogs.

A Canadian-based medical marijuana producer is rolling out a plan to create "weed treats" for man's best friend.

True Leaf Medicine International, a company fully licensed to manufacture medicinal marijuana is looking to provide "a better quality of life" for dogs through the treats.


According to the International Business Times, True Leaf already makes hemp-based products to treat joint pain, anxiety and inflammation in dogs, but now wants to move forward utilizing cannabis extracts in dog chews.

The company is using crowd-funding resources to pull together more than $7 million in order to reach their goal and open a manufacturing plant in British Columbia.