Black Cat Runs Onto Field During Cowboys vs. Giants Game, and the Footage Is Amazing

The NFL game between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys had a bit of surprise guest Monday evening when a black cat ran onto the MetLife Stadium field, eluding capture at every turn and instantly becoming an internet darling. The furry interloper was first seen casually making its way towards one of the end zones before several state troopers rushed onto the field in an attempt to apprehend it.

Breaking into a sprint, the cat was unable to be cornered, leaping into the rapt crowd for a moment of panic before running back onto the field and making its exit through a tunnel, appearing to have avoided all capture.

The entire saga sent the internet and sport commentators into a frenzy, with journalist Tim Burke sharing footage of the frenzy alongside Westwood One commentator Kevin Harlan’s hilarious call of the purr-fect play.

“He’s walking to the three, he’s at the two… and the cat runs into the endzone!” Harlan says in the clip. “That is a touchdown!"

“The cat is elusive...There are state troopers all around this cat, which now climbs up into the stands and fans are running for their lives,” Harlan continues the call. “Now it goes back on the field again, it’s running in the back of the endzone. And it runs out the tunnel.”


There were plenty of jokes about the cat's appearance on the field as well.

Photo credit: NFL/Giants