Parking Garage Collapse in Atlanta Injures at Least 5, Traps Others

Five workers were injured when a parking garage under construction collapsed in Atlanta Friday, firefighters said. The garage was on the 10th floor of 530 West Peachtree Street at Linden Avenue. The accident happened when the 11th floor collapsed onto the 10th floor, firefighters told WSB-TV in Atlanta.

One worker was trapped under the rubble, Atlanta Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Glen Riley said. WSB-TV caught footage of firefighters pulling the hurt worker out of the debris. They needed a crane to lower him to the ground. The worker had leg injuries and he was rescued within 10 minutes, Riley told WSB-TV. The four other injured were able to walk away from the scene on their own. Their conditions were not released. One firefighter was hospitalized for heatstroke.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials. Engineers are still at the scene to stabilize the building and police closed off traffic lanes in the area while the work is being completed. The I-75 N ramp to Spring Street was closed. Firefighters expected the roads to be cleared by 6 p.m. ET. The city of Atlanta is also inspecting the structure for possible threats to the nearby interstate, reports the Associated Press. The parking garage is being built for the Emory University cancer institute in downtown Atlanta.

There have been other recent parking garage collapses around the country. On Aug. 28, there was a collapse in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. Firefighters rescued a construction worker who was trapped under rubble. The man was in pain as he was pulled out on a stretcher, reports ABC7 Chicago. Residents in the area said the construction team was doing excavation work to build an underground parking garage for a new apartment building. They dug next to a neighboring complex's garage when the brick structure collapsed. The rescued construction worker was rushed to a nearby hospital and listed in serious-to-critical condition.


Witnesses praised firefighters for their quick work to free the trapped construction worker and shoring up the building. "The garage is still falling, and so they're risking their lives down there getting him out," Ellen Hughes, who called 911, told ABC7 Chicago. "Had to be at least 15 fire trucks, and just so many people trying to get the poor guy out, and it was just, honestly, it was amazing," Liz Zaborsky, another witness, added.