Watch: These 80-Year-Old Female Basketball Players Prove That Age Is Just a Number

The San Diego Splash senior women's basketball is unique for a very special reason.

Each member of the team is required to 80 years or older. The Splash plays three-on-three, 30-minute half-court games and the women show that there is really nothing "senior" about them.

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The Splash is the oldest team in the San Diego Senior Women's Basketball Association and have already won two titles at the National Senior Games. Nine women make up the roster, including Meg Skinner and Grace Larson, who are both 91 years old.

Larson and her teammates are making up for lost time and missed opportunity. "I was 78 when I got my first basketball shoes, so that was a thrill," Larson told ESPNW. "Growing up, we didn't have sports like the girls do today. We didn't have the opportunity to play."

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Most of the women have played sports in the past and some have actually been exposed to the basketball court for over 20 years.

It is medically proven that seniors' social connectedness leads to longer, more fulfilling lives. Because of this, many of the Splash players have outlived their significant others or life-long friends. "A lot of my childhood friends thought I was crazy at 66 to be playing basketball. They said, 'You'll break an arm, you'll break a leg,'" explained 87-year-old Marge Carl. "You know, I'm the only one surviving of my childhood friends. They're all gone, every one of them."


"You've got to get engaged," Carl told the San Diego Tribune in 2016. "You can't sit in a room watching TV. That's a death knell."

The "Splash Sisters" currently has a viral ESPNW video with over 6 million views. "Friendship, a sisterhood, a family" is how Larson describes her team: "It's the nicest group of people from all walks of life."