19 Amazingly Awkward Couple Photos

Things we know about these people photographed: they are in love, they are more creative than most, they are probably certifiably insane. Valentine's Day is a great time to take a photo with your sweetie but some of these couples should be happy that smartphones and Facebook weren’t available for sharing these unfortunate, albeit sweet memories. Good thing for us we have AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com to help keep their love and photographic misfortune alive.

19. These young lovers can’t decide whether to blend in or stand out.

awkward family photos young couple wearing camo

18. At first glance this guy looks super happy. Look more closely and it’s clear that he is trying to send a message with his eyes that he is being held against his will and being forced to wear a turtleneck.

awkward family photos christmas card couple with dog

17. A new meaning for the old saying: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

akward family photos something barowed something blue

16. Everyone knows a portrait sitting is a horrible time to have the results of your paternity test revealed.

awkward family photo dark couple

15. You're probably thinking a green screen was used, but their expressions say otherwise.

awkward family photo blue background

14. Christian Grey: The Early Years.

awkward family photos girl taped to the wall

13. Do you think this guy is thinking, “Wow, this was a corny idea.”?

awkward family photo couple in the sky

12. Further proof that Eve was framed.

awkward family photos adam and eve

11. If releasing doves is supposed to be an offering of hope, what does it mean to release a headless, dead chicken carcass? Especially since you can tell that this bride is way more into this idea than her groom. You have to give them credit though, the chickens do look like they are flying.

awkward family photo throwing chickens at a wedding

10. Sure it's all fun and games now but wait until they get to the bridal suite

awkward family photos looking under brides dress

9. I bet she's wishing she could throw this one back.

awkward family photos in the water

8. Through good outfits and bad, this couple will stay together.

awkward family photo odd pose

7. This guy gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “wedding crasher”.

awkward family photo man falling down the stairs

6. Even the horse knows this is just wrong.

awkward family photos wedding couple on hourses

5. The mother of all cougars...literally.

awkward family photos cougar

4. The weakest Bond car yet.

awkward family photo wedding couple on bike

3. Twinning!

awkward family photos couple at a tree

2. Ah, puppy love, isn’t it sweet?

awkward family photo puppy love


1. May the odds be ever in their favor.

awkward family photo couple with a bow and arrow set

These couples may be amazingly awkward but it is amazingly sweet that they were willing to put it all out there (some more than others) to show their affection.