FBI Was Told Nikolas Cruz Might Go to School and Start 'Shooting the Place Up'

A family friend of Nikolas Cruz told the FBI she thought he was capable of committing a mass shooting at a school back in January, but nothing was done.

In an FBI transcript published by The New York Times, the unnamed woman, who appears to a family friend, expressed numerous concerns to authorities about Cruz. She detailed Cruz's stockpiling of women, his alarming behavior and more.

In one particular passage, she details the fact that Cruz is no longer in school because he would "just pick up a chair and throw it at somebody" if "he didn't like the way they were talking to him." She then expressed concern that he w ould take out his anger toward the school through a shooting.

"I just think about [him], you know, getting into a school and just shooting the place up," she said.

Cruz did in fact commit a school shooting forty days later at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The confessed shooter killed 17 people and injured 15 others, and it now expected to plead guilty to the charges levied against him.

This tip from a family friend is one of several that authorities received concerning Cruz's behavior in the months leading up to the mass shooting.

In the call, the woman lays out Cruz's desires to kill people, which she says she found on social media.

"He started off saying he wanted to kill himself, so what I did was call the Parkland Police Department," she said. "And then just recently, now he has switched it to, he wants kill people."

She details incidents where the now-killer cut up a dead bird, "got crazy" over financial disputes and stockpiled weapons.


“It's so much, and I know he’s going to explode,” she said.

The FBI has faced large amounts of backlash in the past week due reports such as this.