When Is 'Criminal Minds' Leaving Netflix?

As CBS prepares to debut the 15th and final season of popular crime drama Criminal Minds, it may also be preparing to pull the entire series from Netflix. The drama has been a staple on the streaming platform for years and currently ranks among Netflix's top 10 most-watched licensed TV shows, though recent reports suggest its reign on the platform will soon be coming to an end.

Although an official axe date has not been revealed for the series, which currently boasts 12 of its seasons on Netflix (both Season 13 and Season 14 have failed to make their debut on the streamer), What's On Netflix reports that it is likely that Criminal Minds will be pulled from the streamer within the next few years, possibly sometime in or shortly after 2020.

According to the outlet, the fact that other CBS series, such as Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods, are set to leave Netflix in November, it seems improbable that Criminal Minds will stay on the streamer for long. It will likely be pulled from Netflix and find its only home on CBS' streaming platform CBS All Access.

As for when, exactly, fans can expect to see the series go, What's On Netflix suggests that it could go sometime during September or October. In previous years, those are the months that new seasons have been added to the streamer, meaning a possible removal could come during those months next year.

Currently, no plans for Criminal Minds' removal from Netflix have been confirmed by the streamer or CBS. One fan who did reach out to CBS' support team regarding Criminal Minds' fate reportedly received a message stating that they "are working to expand [their] content to make more seasons and episodes available."

Debuting on Netflix in 2005, Criminal Minds follows a special FBI unit as they examine disturbing crimes and the criminals behind them. The network announced in January of this year that the series would be ending with its 15th season, which is set to be shortened to just 10 episodes.

"It is the quintessential CBS hit. We are so proud to have aired it," Amy Reisenbach, CBS' EVP current programs, said at the time. "It speaks to everything we do best, which is air quality television. It's been successful not only on air but online, in syndication, internationally for ABC (Studios)."


Criminal Minds will end its run with 325 episodes, making it among the Top 20 shows of all time by episode count. Currently, only Gunsmoke, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS, and Grey's Anatomy have had longer runs by season among primetime TV dramas.

Season 15 is set to premiere at midseason sometime after the new year.