'Tiger King': Joe Exotic's Weed Line Packaging Is Just as Wild as You'd Expect

Joe Exotic is ready to embark on his next business venture. As he remains behind bars at a Texas prison facility serving a two-decade-long sentence, Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldano-Passage, is preparing to rid himself of his "Tiger King" title and take on the title of "The New King of Cannabis." This week, the packaging for his upcoming weed line, Joe Exotic Cannabis, was released, and it's just as wild as Tiger King fans would expect.

Although Joe Exotic Cannabis isn't set to be unveiled until next week at the cannabis CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas, TMZ obtained a first look at the brand's packaging, which boasts vibrant colors, and, of course, plenty of big cats. Surrounded by a border of tiger stripes, a cartoon imagining of Exotic takes center stage on the package, with the cartoon rendering sitting on an extravagant throne. Exotic is depicted surrounded by several big cats, one of which can be seen holding a bag of weed. The package pays homage to more than just his Tiger King fame, though, as the bottom of the package proudly displays the Pride Flag, a celebration of his sexual orientation.

The first look comes after it was announced in June that Exotic was set to launch a cannabis brand from jail. According to TMZ, who was first to share the news, after Exotic first thought of the idea back in July 2020, he and his team struck a deal for Exotic to partner with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD to launch Joe Exotic Cannabis. His attorney, Brad Small, confirmed the business endeavor, with Exotic soon making the announcement on social media. According to Small, Exotic has been directly involved in the business through calls and emails with his attorney. TMZ said Exotic was launching the brand to help people who need cannabis to ease their pain from various ailments.

In his own announcement, Exotic teased that he would be "bringing a variety of cannabis products under the Joe Exotic brand to Colorado, California and Joe's home state." Exotic said the brand would include "edibles and various top shelf exotic strains." According to the latest report from TMZ, the brand will also include a cannabis seltzer aptly dubbed "Tiger P–." The flavors include tiger's blood orange and peach-mango.


Joe Exotic Cannabis is set to launch next week at the cannabis CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas. Exotic's attorney previously revealed that a share of Exotic's profits will go towards captive tiger care.