'The Ranch' Part 6: Dax Shepard's Character Has Secret Bennett Family Connection

Dax Shepard has officially joined The Ranch, and his character has an unexpected realtion to the Bennett family.

Spoilers ahead for The Ranch Part 6.

Shepard, who is also known for the films Without a Paddle and Employee of the Month, joined the cast in a guest role for later half of Part 6. He makes his first appearance in Episode 6, entitled "Pass It on Down," as a stranger who stumbles out the back of a police cruiser.

He was picked up an officer and asked to be delivered to the Bennetts. After he joins the family on their porch. He reveals his name: Luke Matthews.

"Luke as in 'Luke Skywalker,' Matthews as in 'more than one Matthew,'" he explains.

He then divulges that he has a secret relation to the Bennett family: His late father was Greg Bennett, the brother of Beau (Sam Elliott).

"My mom told me just before she passed that by dad died in Vietnam and his name was Greg Bennett," Luke says.

The family is surprised by the revelation, and they originally do no believe him.

"There must be some mistake," Beau says. "He didn't have a son."

Luke then explains that Greg met his mother while on leave in Hawaii. Beau then realizes that Luke may be telling the truth.

"I remember. He did say he met a college girl in Hawaii when he went there on 'R&R' once," Beau says. "I'm not sure why we went. Grown man walking around in sandals, wearing shirts with flowers on them. No wonder the Japanese attacked."

Colt (Ashton Kutcher) then asks for further proof, and Luke pulls out a family photograph depicting his father and an unknown woman. The family instantly recognizes Greg and the woman, who was Beau and Greg's mother. In fact, Beau himself reveals that he took the photo in question and that the family truck is in the shot, as well.

"My goodness. I took this picture," Beau says. "That's Greg standing by that truck he day we bought it. We drove that thing everywhere. Drove it up to Glacier National Park one time. Since we were so close, we drove on up to the Canadian border just to flip off a mountie."

After this heartwarming moment, Beau simply says, "Glad you found us, Luke."

Unfortunately, Luke is passed ut when Beau explains all this, but the family decides to slowly incorporate him into their lives.


All episodes of The Ranch are currently streaming on Netflix. Part 7 of the series is expecting some time in 2019.

Photo Credit: Netflix / Greg Gayne