'The Ms. Pat Show': Briyana Guadalupe, Theodore Barnes and Vince Swann on Why Season 3 Is 'Exciting' (Exclusive)

Season 3 of The Ms. Pat Show is currently streaming on BET+ and comes a few months after the show was nominated for an Emmy Award. And based on what the cast has to say about the new season, another Emmy nomination could be on the way. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to The Ms. Pat Show cast members Briyana Guadalupe, Theodore Barnes and Vince Swann about how the new season stands out from the previous two. 

"The one thing that pops out in my head is definitely our relationship," Guadalupe exclusively told PopCulture. "We see that a lot more, especially because Pat is gone doing her thing, so we get into more things. And we're there for each other, and that camaraderie there, I think the fans really get to see us do a lot more together, which is exciting."

Guadalupe, Barnes and Swann play Janelle, Junebug and Brandon who are the children on the show. When talking about Janelle, Guadalupe said her character is a little more relaxed than she was in previous seasons. "I think you see her have a little bit more fun, and let loose a little bit more, and put her guard down," she said. "Especially going back to what I said earlier because she's with her siblings more, and they get into more stuff. So I think she's learning more this season to let her hair down, and just have a little bit more fun."

Junebug is the youngest in the family, and Barnes teases a big scare for his character. "There's a certain episode that we have that's a little touch and go," he said. "I personally have never been through that, but the other ones, yes, I definitely can relate in one way or another."

Brandon is the second-oldest child, and it looks like he's finally heading in the right direction after being a little lost in Season 1 and Season 2. "To see his character arc from season one to now season three, and where he's venturing off and finding himself," Swann said about Brandon. "It's refreshing to see. And I feel like a lot of... especially a lot of millennials who are still trying to figure it out at home. The pandemic and stuff set a lot of people back in student loans and stuff. So I feel like his character, especially for people our age, can definitely relate to just trying to figure life out. Because that's all we do when we get to a certain age, we can't figure everything out."