'Ted Lasso' Star Cristo Fernandez Talks Dani Rojas' Challenges in Season 2 (Exclusive)

In the Season 2 premiere of Ted Lasso, Dani Rojas is featured as he deals with the yips. This occurred when he accidentally killed AFC Richmond mascot Earl when he kicked the soccer ball at him during a penalty kick. PopCulture.com recently caught up with Cristo Fernandez who plays Dani in the Apple TV+ series. Fernandez loves that fans get to see another side of Dani after being introduced midway through Season 1.

"I'm very happy for that," Rojas said to PopCulture. "And I'm very happy for this season too, because not only Dani, but most of the characters, we're going to be able to see other aspects. But for Dani, yeah, he's going to not smile all the time. He's going to have some moments when he hates stuff or where he's really down in his life. So I think for me, it's been a really cool challenge and I'm grateful with Jason [Sudeikis], Brendan [Hunt], Joe [Kelly], Bill [Lawrence], and all the creative team for giving me these new bits that I think is going to make Dani Rojas more of a real human with real problems, just like anyone else in the world."

Dani was able to get past the yips thanks to Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles), a sports psychologist who is hired by AFC Richmond. The players seem to like what Dr. Sharon brings to the table, except for Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) who is not a fan of therapists due to his not-so-great experiences during couple's therapy.

Having Dr. Sharon is big for AFC Richmond, but the team is struggling to find wins. One has to think if the players still think that Ted is the right guy to turn things around? "Yeah. We're all a family now," Fernandez stated. So we go all the way until the end, together."

Fernandez is one of the many reasons why Ted Lasso is a huge success. The show was recently nominated for 20 Emmys, and Season 2 has already received positive reviews. Ted Lasso has been renewed for a third season, but it's very likely Season 3 could be the last. The good news is Season 2 will feature 12 episodes, with the second episode released on Friday. The first season just had 10.


Season 2 of Ted Lasso is currently streaming on Apple TV+, and a new episode will air each week. All episodes of Season 1 are also currently streaming and PopCulture readers can get a free three-month trial subscription here.