'Shadow and Bone' Fans Rave Over This Small Detail

Netflix's new fantasy series Shadow and Bone spared no detail in bringing the "Grishaverse" to life — even when it comes to the title sequence. As fans have been binge-watching the show since its release, many have noticed that each title sequence is slightly different. They are animated with different aspects of the story to reflect the theme and content of their respective episodes.

Shadow and Bone came with a built-in fan base for Leigh Bardugo's bestselling novels by the same name. Some fandoms can be hard to please with an adaptation, but so far, these seem happy with the books' treatment. Many have praised the little details like the title sequence, remarking on how much detail went into every moment of the show. Those that hit "skip intro" on their first watch of the show are now going back to appreciate what they missed.

Shadow and Bone is full of little moments like this, which serve to remind fans that it was made lovingly and with great care for the source material. That's saying something for a series that makes more changes to its story than many other epic fantasy adaptations dare to. Shadow and Bone remixes and combines the separate stories set out in Bardugo's Shadow and Bone trilogy and Six of Crows duology.

Bardugo herself took part in that re-writing process, and she has been pleased with its outcome. For example, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she praised the decision to call the main antagonist "General Kirigan" rather than "The Darkling," as he is known in the books.

"I think it really helped to keep him grounded for viewers," she said. "When you have his troops replying to him and talking about him when you have foreign dignitaries talking about him, it telegraphed too quickly and too fully what his true history and the extent of his powers are. So for me, that was a smart move to keep him shrouded in a little more mystery before the big reveal."

There are plenty of more Easter eggs to deploy and secrets to unveil — but only if the show gets a renewal. Fans' hopes are high, especially with some very specific fan-favorite moments still to come. A prime example is Kaz Brekker's signature leather gloves, which actor Freddy Carter discussed with ET as well.


"I sort of kept waiting, because we were getting the script as we were going, so I sort of kept waiting for the big reveal — or just like a little tease, as to why he needs the gloves or why he feels like he can never take them off," he said. "So, yes, I hope that we get to find out a little bit more about that, but I love [the gloves]. Initially, I didn't love them. The guys will know that I found it really difficult to do anything with them on initially. I'm meant to be the sort of master of sleight of hand and magic, but I'm not quite, but by the end, it softened up really beautifully and they fit like a glove by the end."

For now, Shadow and Bone Season 1 is streaming on Netflix. The source material books are available in print, digital and audiobook format here from Amazon.

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