'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown Reveals Season 6 Filming Details (Exclusive)

The Fab Five is making their way back to our screens for Season 6 of Queer Eye after COVID-19 pushed back production. Karamo Brown shared in a new interview with PopCulture.com that he and co-stars Bobby Berk, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski would be filming the new season "hopefully soon" after getting the "green light" from production.

"I was excited because 2020 was challenging for many, and I think that what I love about my show and working with my castmates," he said, "that our intention is just pure — to uplift people; to make them feel good." Netflix announced in March 2020 that the Fab Five would be heading back to Texas for their sixth season, but the whole world has obviously changed since then due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's something Brown expects to see as he works with the show's Heroes on their emotional state.

"It's really about making sure that I'm not going to shy away from the fact that there's going to be a lot of PTSD from COVID," he told PopCulture. "There's a lot of people that are still going to be experiencing trauma from COVID, and [I have to be] understanding people will be grieving. ... and so to make sure that we're acknowledging that it's OK not to have to pretend like, 'Oh, 2020 is done. Everything's fine.'" Just a few days into 2021, Brown encouraged people who are still struggling to take some time to acknowledge how things have changed and say, "Hold on, life is not back to where it used to be, but I'm grieving that life. I'm taking a moment to take pause and to know that things will get better."

Brown noted, as a partner for Petco, that one way he's been channeling his emotions is by giving extra love to dog Logan, who at 16 years old has brought him nothing but "joy and happiness." Focusing on his nutrition this year, the dog dad is hoping to ensure his pup has a long happy life by paying him the attention he deserves. "I love all the people who have adopted because of the pandemic, because pets really do affect your mental health," Brown told PopCulture. "You know, just having a pet, you feel better. You feel not so alone or lonely."


Queer Eye's Season 6 doesn't have a release date yet, but Brown offered some of his signature words of wisdom to fans needing an extra bit of encouragement. "2020 was a challenge, baby," he admitted, reminding people who are having moments "where you feel buried," that they're actually not buried. "You're actually planted, and anything that's planted will grow," he shared. "And we are all growing out of 2020. That's what I love."