Netflix Makes Change to Jeffrey Dahmer Show Listing After Serious Backlash

The Netflix series focusing on convicted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer continues to spark conversation. Viewers have praised the 10-episode drama for showcasing the lengths Dahmer went to to torture his victims. But there have been some complaints. Some feel the series has re-traumatized the families of the victims. Others are upset over the fact that Dahmer's intended targets were boys and men of color, primarily Black. The latest criticism was the streaming platform's decision to stamp the film with an LGBTQ category tag. In the wake of the criticism, Netflix has removed the LGBTQ tag.

Subscribers know that each show and movie is tagged to make search queries easier. Other shows like Heartstopper, Young Royals, Uncoupled, Alex Strangelove and others have the LGBTQ tag associated with them. Films and shows with the tag feature characters that identify with the LGBTQ community. But viewers of the Dahmer series have complained that it's not the representation they want to see. In addition to the initial LGBTQ tag, the series was also tagged with "Ominous" and "Dark."

The series has come under intense scrutiny from locals in Milwaukee. Eric Wynn was 18 when Dahmer murdered his friend Tony Hughes. Hughes, who was deaf, is depicted in the series. Wynn told NBC News that Hughes frequented a gay bar where Wynn was a drag performer. He says he didn't think anything when Hughes stopped showing up, until he later learned his terrible fate.

"Ryan Murphy has just been so amazing for the community," Wynn said, noting he's a fan of the Murphy-directed series Pose which chronicles the ballroom scene in New York City in the 1980s. "And then to turn around and just slap us like this for profit and sensationalism — I was so disappointed."

Created by Murphy and Ian Brenna, Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story stars Evan Peters as the now-deceased Dahmer. The series uncovers the unfathomable crimes he committed, how police were slow to act, and the impact it left on America and those close to each victim. It's now the fifth most-streamed series in Netflix history.


Netflix, Ryan Murphy, and Eric Peters have responded to some of the backlash. Peters, who stars as Dahmer in the series, says the show intends to convey how Dahmer's crimes could have been stopped years before he was ultimately caught as neighbors reported his strange behavior and beyond for years.

"It's called The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, but it's not just him and his backstory," he explained. "It's the repercussions; it's how society and our system failed to stop him multiple times because of racism and homophobia. Everybody gets their side of the story told."