Major '13 Reason Why' Character Dies in Final Episode

Fans tuning into 13 Reasons Why Season 4 had to say goodbye to more than just the series. As the final season of the controversial Netflix original series wrapped up loose ends and saw the characters heading off to college, one character sadly died before being able to walk across the stage to accept their diploma. Warning: This post contains spoilers for 13 Reasons Why Season 4.

After losing Hannah Baker in Season 1 and both Bryce Walker and Monty de la Cruz in Season 3, Season 4, the final season, ended just as tragically with the death of another major character: Justin Foley. Despite surviving a heroin overdose in Season 2 and ultimately overcoming his drug addiction by Season 4, Justin became the latest student at Liberty High to die. His death had been teased throughout the entire season, which opened with a scene from a funeral. At the time, it was unclear who the funeral was for, though it was made clear that fans should be preparing for the death of another Liberty High School student.

"We have said too many goodbyes, grieved too long, Liberty High has endured enough traumas and tragedy, and the loss of another classmate senior year is more than children should be asked to bare but Liberty is not alone," the vicar said while delivering the eulogy in the opening scene of the season. "Too many high schools today are forced to reckon with tragedy, too many of our young people are not making it to graduation and we are doing too little to make change. And we must ask not only how we can make change, but what we have done to shape their world this way. How are we responsible? What burdens are we placing on our young people? What tools are we keeping from them? How did we get here again?"

As haunting flash-forwards of a casket and funeral service continued to appear throughout the season, fans had been left guessing who would die up until Episode 9, "Prom," when Justin collapsed while dancing with Jessica. Although some may have initially believed his collapse was due to his drug usage, as he had relapsed after learning his mother had died, the Jensen family is later told by a doctor at the hospital that Justin had previously contracted HIV-1 and it had transitioned into AIDS. Due to his weakened immune system, Justin had also contracted pneumonia and fungal meningitis. Justin dies in the series finale, "Graduation," surrounded by the Jensens, including Clay, who held his hand during his final moments.


All four seasons of 13 Reasons Why are available for streaming on Netflix. Stay tuned to for the latest information.