Lauren Holly Talks Possibility of 'Designated Survivor' Spinoff Amid History-Making US Election Results (Exclusive)

Designated Survivor might have bid farewell to viewers last June, but in light of a history-making win in the U.S., electing its first-ever female vice president with Sen. Kamala Harris, former series star Lauren Holly is addressing the possibility of a spinoff. In an exclusive with for her upcoming Netflix series, Tiny Pretty Things, Holly revealed if the opportunity presented itself with the showrunners of the Kiefer Sutherland-led drama to be spun into a new chapter picking up where her character Lynn Harper left off, she would 100 percent be game.

"I'm a political junkie," Holly gushed to us in our series, PopCulture @ Home. "For the past four years, I've been so — I'm not sure a good thing for my life, to be honest, because of the anxiety that it's caused me — but I love that political world. I'd love to get back involved in that for sure."

The award-winning actress, best known for her roles in the critically acclaimed '90s drama Picket Fences and the beloved comedy Dumb and Dumber, might be living in Toronto, Canada with her family as a dual citizen, but the Pennslyvania native is every bit as American as you would imagine. "I've always been a very proud, patriotic American — so proud of my country. [But] I've had a hard time the last four years," she admitted, adding how it has been a "devastating" period for her.

Sharing how it was only a couple of years ago that she realized her "feeling very at home" north of the border was more than just comfort, Holly became a dual citizen in 2013 while shooting the CTV drama, Motive. "I've sort of built a life here and have close friends and work and all of that, and I thought, 'I'm not sure what's going to happen in America and I'd be foolish not to become a citizen here,'" she said. "So I went through and when I actually got to the ceremony, it was incredibly emotional for me. I loved it and I'm so proud to be a Canadian citizen now. But I'm also back to having really lots of hope for the future of my home country, so I'm a proud flag-waver for both."

As for Designated Survivor, a show shot in Toronto over the course of its three seasons between ABC and Netflix, Holly's Lynn Harper might have a strong future ahead of her. In the Season 3 finale, Lynn's husband, Mars Harper (Anthony Edwards), convinced her to run for Senate despite her own struggles with opioid addiction.


In an interview with TVLine shortly after Season 3 aired in its entirety on the streaming platform, Holly revealed her character was diving into a new direction that opened up many doors for a new storyline. "I want [her] to be at the White House and I'd like her to run for Senate, and I'd like to continue to showcase that the struggle's not over. Because it is a lifelong problem, so it shouldn't be something that's sort of in her back pocket."

All three seasons of Designated Survivor are currently available to stream on Netflix. For more with Lauren Holly, everything Netflix and her new series, Tiny Pretty Things, stay tuned to the latest from!