Jason Momoa Returns to Netflix for Revenge Movie 'Sweet Girl'

Jason Momoa is taking his talents back to Netflix as the star and producer of a new movie called Sweet Girl. The film is a revenge thriller, according to a report by Variety, and will feature Momoa in a role far darker than some of his recent blockbuster work. The movie is in the early stages of development.

In Sweet Girl, Momoa will play a widower on a quest for revenge against the people responsible for his wife's death. He is reportedly seeking his own brand of justice, while also trying to protect his daughter.

The movie will be directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza, who is making his feature directoral debut. Mendoza has a good working relationship with both Momoa and Netflix thanks to last year's Braven, on which Mendoza was a producer and cinematographer. He also produced Momoa's series Frontier, which airs on Netflix in the U.S.

Sweet Girl was written by Gregg Hurwitz and Philip Eisner. At the moment, the script is undergoing revisions by Will Staples while the studio gets pre-production underway. Momoa told reporters he is excited to get started on this project, bringing together some of his favorite people in the industry.

“I’m excited to partner with Netflix once again,” Momoa said. “I’m putting a dream team together from Brad and Jeff to my best friend, Brian, who has been my partner for over 10 years. It’s a dream come true to collaborate with him and deliver his vision.”

Momoa's co-producers include Brad Peyton and Jeff Fierson of ASAP Entertainment. Fierson spoke to reporters as well, backing up Momoa's glowing praise of their team dynamic.

“Brad and I are ecstatic about bringing another project to Netflix, who have truly made us feel like we have a home to make groundbreaking original features and series,” Fierson said. “Additionally, Jason and Brian are like family, so to re-team with them on a movie after working for three seasons of Frontier, is a dream come true. When we first read this script, we knew there was only one actor who could bring the gravitas and depth to the role of Cooper, and that’s Jason.”


This is a big win for Netflix as well, as they have secured one of today's biggest blockbuster stars for an original film. Momoa starred as Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman in his own superhero movie just this past December, earning over $1 billion at the box office. As bankable of a star as he has become, Momoa remains focused on passion projects where he can work with his favorite collaborators.

So far there is no release date in place for Sweet Girl.