'Yellowstone' Star Cole Hauser Hypes up 'The Last Champion' With One Last Trailer

Cole Hauser is finished filming the fourth season of Yellowstone and is now expressing excitement [...]

Cole Hauser is finished filming the fourth season of Yellowstone and is now expressing excitement about a different project. The Last Champion, a movie centered on the sport of wrestling, hit digital outlets on Tuesday. Prior to its release, Hauser hyped up the film with one final trailer.

The actor posted the clip on his Instagram profile. It introduced his character, John Wright, and revealed that he had been in the Olympics. The trailer then showed a training montage that featured the wrestling team jogging through the snowy woods, using each other as platforms while doing core exercises and working on their skills in the gymnasium. The brief trailer ended with a tease of a high-profile match.

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"[The Last Champion] comes out tomorrow Dec 8th on Amazon, iTunes and google play! Heart has no rival," Hauser wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. Many fans responded and proclaimed that they were ready to kick back and watch the film. Others proclaimed that The Last Champion "looks awesome."

Wright is a former championship wrestler and promising Olympian. He left his hometown in disgrace after being stripped of his medal but returns 20 years later after his mother passes away. Wright has to confront his past, as well as the residents that still hold grudges against him, but he gets a second chance by becoming the coach of a high school wrestling team. One of the students, Michael Miller, is a "thoroughbred" and has the ability to become a champion, but he is also a troubled individual that needs "someone to look up to."

In addition to hyping up his wrestling film, Hauser is currently working on a new film with Mel Gibson. He headed to Puerto Rico to begin filming Panama, a movie set in 1989. Hauser plays a decorated ex-marine who is sent undercover by his former commander, played by Gibson, to execute a "high-value deal with untrustworthy adversaries." According to IMDB, Hauser's character becomes involved with the U.S. invasion of Panama and "learns an important lesson" about political power.

Hauser showed that he was working on Panama with a post on Instagram. He posted a photo that showed a script sitting on a table with the ocean as the background. "Finished Yellowstone S4 yesterday. Landed in [Puerto Rico] last night. This is my new movie [Panama]. Inspired by true events in 1989," he wrote in the caption.