WWE's Zelina Vega Teases New Tattoos

Zelina Vega has some new artwork to show off. The WWE Superstar recently went to Instagram to tease new tattoos she received. It's not clear what type of tattoos Vega now has, but she shared two photos of her in the chair while the tattoo artist inked a tattoo on her leg.

"New Tattoos! ANY GUESSES?? " Vega wrote in the caption. "Really cool collabs and videos coming… Got 4 on the horizon…. Who's your picks? Knowing me." Based on what Vega just wrote, it's likely the tattoos are anime-themed. The artist working on Vega's tattoo goes by the Instagram name "JPTronWalker" and is known for his anime art. 

 Vega, 31, joined WWE in 2017 after spending years on the independent circuit. She started on NXT and then was called up to the main roster in 2018. She was released from her contract in November 2020 only to return eight months later. And 2021 was a good year for Vega as she won the Women's Tag Team Championship with Carmella and became the winner of the inaugural Queen's Crown tournament. This year, Vega missed event months of action due to an injury. She returned in October and became the manager of Legado Del Fantasma. 

In an interview with Busted Open Radio in October, Vega talked about her new role. "The nice thing is, I feel I have a little more control over where I'm going now," she said, per Fightful. "Now, people are able to see me in a similar light, but they have no idea what's going to come after this. They have no idea why I'm with the group I'm with. I think all of these questions are going to be answered soon. That's the fun part. You keep having people wanting more. 

"One thing people have always wanted to see is, 'when is Zelina going to be in the title picture? When is Zelina going to be the leader for herself?' I'm gonna be, but I've never aligned myself with people that I didn't see as stars. This group is on another level. To be able to help introduce them to the WWE Universe, it's a new chapter in my life. I'm excited to bring them to the forefront, but also, I'm right front and center. It's cool,"