WWE's Titus O'Neal Reveals How America Can Be the 'Best Country in the World'

Titus O'Neal has used his platform to do a lot of good work in the community and now the WWE Superstar is utilizing his influence to speak out on the racial and social issues going on in the country. Last week, O'Neal took part in a panel discussion at an event called Heal America – A Course Correction Conversation on Race, Citizenship & Humanity in Atlanta. Bishop Omar Jahwar, CEO and founder of Urban Specialists and Stand Together, hosted the event and touched on several topics. When Jahwar talked to O'Neal, he shared his thoughts on how America can be the "best country in the world."

"In order to be the best country in the world, we need to start being the best people in the world," O'Neal said. "That means everybody, White, Black Hispanic, whoever is in this country. You need to be willing to accept the truth for what it is but also fight against what people have fought against for years." O'Neal then named civil rights leaders that were fighting for the same things that "people are fighting for today." He then said, "we need to continue to fight to be the best people in the world sp what one day we can eventually have this bravado with right reasoning in saying we are the best country in the world."

"Every single demographic has fought what they believe in," O'Neal added. He then talked about the lesbian and gay community and how they fought for the right to be legally married. He said the churches he grew up in "demonized lesbian and gay community for years." O'Neal also mentioned his aunt being gay and his family driving her to do drugs and alcohol. He said he "hated it because people should be treated as people."

Atlanta was one of the few stops in the Stand Together and Urban Specialists Heal America Tour, where a panel of celebrities, athletes and local figures come together and discuss the events going on in America. The event in Atlanta happened just a few days after the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin.

"The recent tragic killings in Minnesota and Georgia bring home the importance of the work needed to address the injustices holding people back," Stand Together Senior Vice President Evan Feinberg said. "Too many policies which disproportionately harm minority communities serve as unnecessary barriers. The Heal America Tour is about bringing a diverse group of people together to bridge divides and drive change on meaningful solutions to eliminate injustice by transforming policing policy. At the heart of this work is a commitment to equal rights and a belief in the inherent dignity of every person. Stand Together is proud to partner with Urban Specialists and the Heal America panelists to elevate these solutions and drive change together."