WWE's Lana Updates Parents' Conditions After They Both Test Positive for COVID-19

WWE star Lana, whose real name is CJ Perry, provided some positive news for her fans. She posted a YouTube video and revealed that her parents are doing better after both tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week. Lana said that her mother is out of the ICU and is making strides in her recovery.

"So my mother is doing much better," Lana said in her update. "They have had her off of the oxygen in the hospital for over 24 hours. Now that's incredible, thank you guys for all of your prayers and positive thoughts. Her oxygen, the thing she has to breathe in, is doing — it's like you don't want it lower than 90, and it's like 93 right now. So that's really good. They've had her off of oxygen for over 24 hours, and now she's out of the ICU. She is in a hotel room that they are talking about releasing her today because she's doing much better."

Lana explained that her mother is not "out of the woods" just yet. She will welcome any prayers or positive thoughts from her fans. However, this is a significant step in the right direction, considering that her mother was in critical condition earlier in the week.

Similarly, Lana's father is making serious strides toward a full recovery. She said that he is on day 15 and that he couldn't get out of bed for an entire week. The coronavirus affected him in a different manner, considering that he is not asthmatic. Lana's father thought that he had pollen allergies before he tested positive.

"Just be really really careful, guys," Lana continued. "My dad is doing better today. Yesterday was the first day that he started to feel better. Thank you guys for your prayers and your positive energy."


When Lana provided the update, the fans on social media reacted with joy. They expressed concern about ongoing issues but said that they are very happy that the wrestler's parents are recovering. These fans promised to continue praying and sending well-wishes daily. Many said, "we are all in this together" and used the statement as a sign of better days ahead.

When Lana initially revealed that her parents tested positive, she expressed surprise about how they contracted the virus. She said that they "never go outside" and that the situation was mind-blowing. She revealed the news amid reports about 30 individuals testing positive at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.