WWE Announces Rey Mysterio 'Retirement' Ceremony for June 1 'Raw'

Is Rey Mysterio getting ready to retire? On Monday during Raw, it was announced that the former WWE Champion would have a retirement ceremony on June 1. However, it looks like it will be part of a storyline as Seth Rollins is expected to host the event. Mysterio has been feuding with Rollins the last few weeks, and it led to Mysterio "suffering an eye injury." Mysterio is expected to stay with the company, but there have been rumors about his contract status.

Mysterio is in the last leg of an 18-month deal and has not yet re-signed a new contract. Earlier this month, there's were conflicting reports about Mysterio's future as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer said he would sign a new deal. However, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Mysterio is on his way out once his contract is up. Mysterio, who will be 46 at the end of the year, is showing no signs of slowing down, taking part in the Money in the Bank ladder match earlier this month and being an active member of Raw during the coronavirus pandemic.

If there's one thing Mysterio would like to do before he ends his career, it would be winning another championship, specifically the Universal Championship, which was established in 2016. Mysterio has won the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship, so it would make sense for him to capture the last main title.


"To add another title — and not just another title, but this is this Universal title — to add it to my stats is unbelievable," he said to Newsweek last year. "The fact that I had every desire to be the number one guy this past Monday during the Fatal Five-Way but then when it all happened everything just started coming into play, and you start to set into realization that happened. It took me a couple of days after winning to absorb that 'Man in just a couple of days I have a Universal title shot.' A couple of weeks ago I was looking at retirement and now everything has done a 360." Mysterio has been wrestling since 1989 and helped make the Lucha libre style of wrestling popular and with him being 175 pounds, Mysterio also helped revolutionize the cruiserweight division in pro wrestling.