Tom Brady Jerseys Being Hung Outside New England Homes After QB Leaves Patriots

Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots was always a possibility as the 42-year-old quarterback was set to enter the NFL free agency period without a contract for the first time in his career. On Tuesday morning, the six-time Super Bowl champion made the announcement that he would not be returning to the team he played on for 20 seasons. Signings can be made official on Wednesday and early indications are that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are closing in on making him their new man under center.

With Brady heading out of the New England area, Patriots fans took to social media to voice a wide array of emotions. Some were disappointed, others were frustrated and the rest took the time to reflect on all he brought to the organization. Others took a unique route in honoring his tenure.

In the hours after the news of him not coming back, some fans in Boston began to display Brady's No. 12 jersey in the windows of their houses.

"Just hung my Brady jersey on my window, thank you for everything @TomBrady," one user wrote on Twitter.

Brady's impact also has been felt on many who have played with him, including one of his long-time teammates, Julian Edelman. After his announcement, Edelman posted a photo of the two on social media and wrote "Family" as the caption.

On Tuesday afternoon, Colin Cowhered of Fox Sports revealed on his Twitter that sources have told him Brady will be signing with Tampa Bay and the news will come out on Wednesday. This would officially end his 20-year career in New England.

Both the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, and head coach, Bill Belichick put out statements thanking Brady for the years he put in with the organization. Belichick noted the famed "Patriots Way" in his goodbye to his longtime quarterback, calling Brady one of the "original creators" of his program.


"Tom lived and perpetuated our culture," Belichick added in his message. "On a daily basis, he was a tone setter and a bar raiser."

Photo Credit: David L. Ryan/Getty Images