Tiger Woods Speaks out on Son Charlie Still Playing Golf Despite Injury

Tiger Woods' son Charlie took part in the PNC Championship this past weekend despite dealing with an injury. And during the first round of the tournament, Woods told Brian Katrek of SiriusXM Radio that Charlie is playing because the 13-year-old is not injured to the point he can't compete. 

"Well, there's a big difference, BK, between pain and injury," the elder Woods said while Charlie agreed, per Golf.com. "And so, this is just pain. If you're injured, you're not playing. This is just a little bit of pain, and it's game time, so we just go out there and we suck it up together. As I said over here, we're perfect yin and yang — he's got a left foot, I got a right foot, so we got two good feet. We're good."   

According to NBC/Golf Channel analyst Notah Begay, Charlies rolled his left ankle while hitting golf balls on a range ahead of the tournament. This comes as Woods is dealing with plantar fasciitis in his right foot, an extension of the injuries he suffered to his right leg from the car accident he was in last year.

"I mean, I found a new respect for him now after getting a minor — very minor — injury," Charlie told Katrek.  "I wouldn't really call it an injury — I'm just hurt. But just to see what he's going through and how I have just like a fraction of it and how much it hurts, and it's just cool how he's gotten to where he is now after all he's been through." 

Woods and Charlie didn't win the PNC Championship as they were six strokes behind the champions Vijay Singh and his Qass. But Woods was just happy to play with his son. "Just to be able to be out there and share this with Charlie and for [caddie] Joey [LaCava], to share it with his son, as well," Woods said, per CBS Sports. "Joey has been out here for what, 35, 40 years, and to be able to show his son what it feels like to be inside the ropes, he was — you know, he was fantastic with Charlie the three years that we've been able to play last year and for us, sharing it with our own family. It just means so much to all of us."