Super Bowl 2020: What to Expect From Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Halftime Show

As the time for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to take the stage for Super Bowl LIV's halftime show draws closer, fans of both the powerful performers are eagerly awaiting what the duo will bring to their slice of Super Bowl history. While the pair have been unfortunately pretty tight-lipped about what kind of costume changes and surprises they have in store, they have let a few hints slip since the big announcement back in September.

"This is gonna be so much fun!" Lopez said at the time of the halftime show's announcement on Thursday Night Football. "She's such a dynamic performer, she does her own thing."

"There's nobody like her so I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand of what we do and there will be people who haven't even seen us perform who get to see something special that night," she continued. "It's going to be an exciting show."

As for what to expect, Lopez wanted fans to be ready for one amazing time: "That's what you can expect. When you think about Shak and you think about what I do, the combination of that, I think of an explosion of fun and energy!" she added.

On Sept. 26, Lopez added to Us Weekly that there would be plenty of dancing in the high-octane performance, saying, "I don't know if any of you have been to any of my shows, but I love performing and I'm super excited. We had an amazing tour this summer, so I feel really in shape for a show right now. I'm excited!"

Bringing two of the biggest Latina performers on stage together for the first time is a massive step as well.

"It's a huge platform, big stage to perform on — one of the biggest shows of the year — and every artist dreams of doing it," she continued. "I'm so excited that they chose two strong women, but also Latinas."


The Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs kicks off Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on FOX.

Photo credit: Getty Images