Super Bowl 2020: Fans Left Stunned by Prices to Park Near Hard Rock Stadium in Miami

With Super Bowl LIV drawing near, fans headed to Miami Gardens, Florida, to watch the Big Game. This was a popular destination, which resulted in some inflated parking prices. Football fans heading to the stadium were downright shocked to see the cost of securing their vehicle.

According to David Martin of FOX35 Orlando, there were some parking lots less than 1/2 a mile from the stadium that were charging roughly $120 per vehicle. The owners of these lots knew that the spaces would be limited for Super Bowl LIV, and they were trying to secure some extra money.

Many fans responded by discussing how these lots were just price gouging simply because they could. Others reacted by explaining that this is the very reason why Uber and Lyft are so successful in the modern era.

"If you can afford ticket to actual game that's not likely a big deal," one user wrote in response to the photo. They felt that those willing to drop hundreds of dollars for one ticket to this battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers would have no issues paying for extra parking. Although others were very vocal in their disagreement.

"These people should be f–ing shamed. Thats disgraceful. Better yet someone should get their name and addresses and give the IRS a 3949A referall cause you know these yassoffs aint reporting that..."

Of course, finding parking was only part of the pricing disputes. Fans were also greeted with seemingly inflated prices when they headed to the concession stand. They noticed that a 32 oz. soda (refillable) would set them back $15. A 16 oz. bottle of Bud Light would cost $14.

The food also drew some criticism considering that popcorn was $15 while a 1/2 pound cheeseburger with fries cost $16. The most inexpensive item at the concession stand was a cheese cup for $3.


"$15 soda is right up there with the best. It costs next to nothing to make that 32 oz soda," one user commented after seeing the prices. Another wondered if the pretzel was sprinkled with gold instead of salt. Although several others voiced the opinion that anyone that can afford a ticket to the Super Bowl is not worried about spending $50 at the concession stand.

(Photo Credit: Paul Harris/Getty Images)