Styrian Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton Kneels, Raises Fist in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter Movement

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton secured victory during Sunday's Styrian Grand Prix. This was his first win of the Formula One season, as well as the 85th of his career, and Hamilton used the victory podium to deliver a message. He raised his fist in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hamilton, the only Black driver in F1, made multiple gestures in support of BLM. He kneeled prior to Sunday's race while raising his fist in the air. Cameras also showed him doing the same gesture after crossing the finish line and climbing out of his car. This is the second consecutive race in which Hamilton kneeled while wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

"We stand together [fist emoji]" Hamilton wrote on Twitter. "the team today took the knee which was just amazing to see that together we can learn and be open-minded of what's going on in the world. Thank you to everyone in my team and to you #TeamLH, I appreciate all of your support and your positive messages"

Hamilton spoke about his gestures following Sunday's race. He told reporters about continuing to fight racism and how F1 needs to adapt. As Hamilton explained, this fight will continue throughout the entire 2020 season and for the rest of his life.

"Racism is going to be here for longer than our time here," Hamilton said after the race, via the Guardian. "People of color who are subject to racism don't have time. We have to commit to push for equality and continue to raise awareness.


"A lot of work needs to go on in F1, the FIA needs to be part of it, the drivers need to be a part of it. We are going to be fighting and pushing for it all year. For me this is going to be a lifelong thing," Hamilton said, per The Guardian.

Hamilton previously kneeled prior to the Austrian Grand Prix, along with several fellow drivers. He wore a Black Lives Matter shirt while his peers wore ones reading, "End Racism." Not all of the drivers kneeled during the pre-race ceremony, prompting criticism on social media, but they reiterated their support for the fight against racism.