Serena Williams Admits Her Marriage to Alexis Ohanian Isn't 'Bliss'

Tennis star Serena Williams and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian are a popular power couple, and fans [...]

Tennis star Serena Williams and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian are a popular power couple, and fans love to keep updated about their relationship and family life. However, their marriage is not perfect. Williams revealed that she and Ohanian have to work at finding "bliss."

The comment came during a recent Instagram video for Bumble. The four-time Olympic gold medalist took part in a Q&A segment and shared insight about her relationship, meditation, tennis, and other aspects of her life. She specifically addressed marriage while revealing what she has learned since exchanging vows. "Marriage is not bliss. But it can be if you work at it," Williams said while laughing.

The tennis star faced several questions about relationships and love during the Q&A segment. For example, she revealed that "a dealbreaker for me in a relationship is definitely loyalty. Well, not having it, that is." Additionally, Williams also provided some advice about how to deal with heartbreak and loss.

"Heartbreak is a part of life, whether it be a loved one, a boyfriend, or an animal. But time heals all wounds," Williams explained before providing some hope. "I learned that love is an amazing feeling. And if you have an opportunity to feel it, then it's a special thing."

The tennis star and the Reddit co-founder first met during a chance encounter in Rome. They happened to be staying at the same hotel. They began dating and announced their engagement on Dec 29, 2016. They officially tied the knot the following year, on Nov. 16, 2017. The couple share one child together, 3-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

Williams previously spoke about her relationship and revealed that she was surprised by their romance. "[I] never thought I would have married a white guy," Williams said in 2018, per the New York Times. She also explained the factors that make them polar opposites. "I'm an athlete. He's a business guy. I'm Black. He's white. We are totally opposite. I think we just complement each other. I think we understand hard work in different ways."

Williams explained that while she and Ohanian are very different and often have discussions about race, they show that love truly has no color. She also explained why Ohanian is the one that she connected with. Love and respect played significant roles.

"Ultimately I wanted to be with someone who treated me nice, someone who was able to laugh with me and someone who understood my life and someone that loved me…and you know, I'm sure there are other people out there. But you know, Alexis is the one I connected with, and I wouldn't have it any other way," Williams added.